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Delivery on Provo
It takes more than 30 minutes and it's not free

If you’re too beat to leave your suite and have tired of room service options, you may be out of luck; that is unless you are staying in the Grace Bay area.  Fortunately there are a couple enterprising restaurants pushing past old island conventions; delivering to your door, hot, “fast”, delicious Italian, Turkish and Mediterranean favorites.

IMG-Inserts_EAT-DRINK_Delivery-1If you need to pick something up for the kids and the babysitter there are a few options around the island that provide take out services.  A New York style thin crust pizza is just the kind of bribery you’ll need when you want to slip out on a romantic date with your spouse.

See our top picks for delivery and takeout on Providenciales below.



Directory-DELIVERYClick here to view all local businesses that i Turks and Caicos deems to be best in category.

Baci Take Out - PizzaHarbour Towne, Turtle Cove1-649-941-3044
Mother's PizzaDowntown1-649-941-4142


i Turks and Caicos top pick winners are selected by editors and Facebook polls.  Criteria based on fast delivery, if food arrived hot and taste.

Turks Kebab - Turkish and Caicos Cusine
Grace Bay road, Grace Bay             1-649-431-9964
Authentic Turkish and Mediterranean classics co-mingle with Turks Islands favorite side dishes. They are as an unlikely a pair (Owners, Zemar and Yigit) as the cuisine but somehow it works.  The Döner kebab, literally "rotating kebab" in Turkish, is sliced lamb, beef or chicken, slowly roasted on a vertical rotating spit, sliced and piled atop imported Turkish grilled flat bread, hhhmmmm so good.  If you don't want to dine on the deck, they offer fast delivery to the Grace Bay area, either way your in for a tasty treat.
Hey Jose Take Away
Neptune Plaza, Grace Bay              1-649-941-5673
Hey Jose’s Take A Way is fast, delicious and convenient. They offer a complete menu of Tex-Mex favorites and Pizza too.  If you have a car, it's worth getting in the car to make a "run to our border" meaning just outside Grace Bay area just off Leeward highway at the Neptune Plaza.  They have great fajitas, and burritos.
Pizza Pizza La Terrazza
Grace Bay Plaza                                1-649-941-8010
When your craving a familiar taste from home and are too sun-drunk to chase after it remember, Pizza Pizza delivers hot and delicious pizza's to the Grace Bay area, right to your door; just like home. Try the conch pizza, you won't find that topping back home.


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