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Island Music and Events

IMG-Inserts_ENTERTAIN_Music-Events-2There are many local bars and restaurants that offer live entertainment, typically musicians, dancers and often, lively Junkanoo performers jumping and dancing rhythmically to drum beats.

It’s not hard to find live calypso and reggae music to dance the night away to.  They’re a few bars that routinely host local bands on Friday nights.  They mix in some original songs along with many local favorite covers.  There lively energy and islands beats always keep the crowd on their feet.

Some of the ex-pat pubs offer live rock and roll and progressive bands as well as great local solo acts.  If you’re are in Grand Turk we recommend you catch Mitch Rollings and his band, they crank out Jimmy Buffet classic covers over BBQ and cold beers, pool side.

IMG-Inserts_ENTERTAIN_Music-Events-1The Turks and Caicos Islands has most notably hosted three international music festivals and two international film festivals.  Drawing professional hit performers like Alisha Keys, John Legend, Shaggy, Jeffery Osborne and Lionel Ritchie to name a few.  Stay informed by checking our event calendar for upcoming events.




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Provo's Fish Fry
Bight Park, Bight Road
The buzz of activity around the venue (Bight Beach Park) is contagious, when the calypso band starts to rip, you won’t be able to sit still.  Before you know it you will be pulled toward the dance floor and possibly into a conga line.  The energy continuously builds throughout the evening to a climax, when the crowd parts way for the explosive, pounding drum beats of the (40+ person) Junkanoo band closing the event on a high note.

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