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Caribbean Cruisin'


For many of you this is what coming to Caribbean is all about. The need to get fresh sea air in your lungs and that swaying rhythm that only the ocean can generate.

There are many options available to you mariners, from small Hobie Cat sail boats to 60’+ luxury Bertram Sport Fishing charters. Whether it’s a romantic sail for just the two of you or an adventure for whole family, there’s an excursion suited for everyone.

Party boat charters A.K.A. “Booze Cruise” and Glow Worm night cruises are some of the more popular excursions on the island. Be sure to call ahead to be sure there’s room for you and your party.

All day sailing charters often include, snorkeling, a stop at Iguana Island Natl. Park, beach BBQ and sunbathing. Rum punch, cold beer, sodas and light snacks also provided along with the Reggae beats and friendly banter.


Directory-BOAT-CHARTERClick here to view all boat charters that i Turks and Caicos deems to be best in category

Beluga Sailing ChartersSuzie Turn1-649-231-0732
Catch the Wave ChartersWalkin Dock Marina, Leeward1-649-941-3047
Eden Yacht ChartersTurtle Cove Marina1-649-432-4332

i Turks and Caicos Top Picks winners are selected by editors and Facebook polls. Criteria based on quality of equipment, friendly service and expertise of staff.

Atabeyra - Sun Charters
Leeward Channel                                             1-649-941-5363
This boat is a must for anyone going to the Turks and Caicos Islands, I have sailed with Atabera's crew several times, both day and sunset cruises and at night to see the glow worm phenomenon. It's always a relaxing sail and I always meet new and interesting people each and every time I go.  It must be the rum punch that makes everyone so carefree and friendly.
Kenard Luxury Cruises
Harbour Towne, Turtle Cove Marina             1-649-232-3866
Captain Kenard has as many years experience in (over 12 years) hospitality as he does on the seas and offers each group a personal touch to their private charter.
Panoply Sport Fishing
Turtle Cove Marina                                          1-649-941-3508
A day out fishing with Panopoly, is like a day out on the seas with your friends. A down to earth group of anglers skilled at finding the big fish and always ready to show you a good time, even if they’re not biting.


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