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Destination Weddings

Tie the Knot in the Turks and Caicos

IMG-Inserts_MORE_Weddings_1Destination weddings are more popular than ever and the Turks and Caicos Islands have become one of the hottest spots in the Caribbean to tie the knot.  If you decide to take the plunge, you will be in good company with celebs who dove in before you; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardiner and recently Bryan Ferry and his PR girlfriend Amanda Sheppard to name a few.

The setting could not be more perfect and the chances of the ceremony getting rained out are almost next to none.  There are on the other hand all of the planning, details, schedules, rehearsals etc. that make planning a normal wedding uniquely stressful.  Now imagine trying to do this in a foreign country that loves to decorate such occasions with red tape.

IMG-Inserts_MORE_Weddings_2We highly recommend contracting a wedding planner for your TCI destination wedding.  There are so many island-hoops that need to jumped through that you will most likely be unaware of, any of which can throw a major lug wrench into your wedding plans.  Once you decide on the right wedding planner, whom you feel gets you and your vision; you can more or less relax and let them make it all happen.      



Directory-WEDDINGSClick here to view all local businesses that i Turks and Caicos deems to be best in category

Destination Management The Saltmills, Grace Bay Road1-649-946-5034
Nila DestinationsThe Saltmills, Grace Bay Road1-649-231-3986


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